Loan terms and conditions

Updated 10 november 2021

Who can loan from the library? 

Every resident in Norway can get a library card if they provide valid picture ID. Children under 15 need a signature from a parent/legal guardian. 

Library card 

Your library card is personal. It is connected to your social security number and can be used at any public library in Norway. If you do not have a social security number, your card will only be valid in Kristiansand kommune. You can also get a library card if you represent an institution, a school or a non-personal unit. A non-personal card will also only be valid in Kristiansand kommune.  

Your responsibility 

Take good care of your library card. Let the library know if you lose it.

Always keep your name and contact details updated.

You are personally responsible for keeping due dates, and for compensating lost or damaged material.

As a parent you are responsible for your children’s library card up to the age of 18. 


Loan times and renewals 

Normal loan time is 4 weeks (28 days) 

  • Swift loans (the material will be properly marked) – 1 week (7 days) 

  • Periodicals/CDs/DVDs – 2 weeks (14 days) 

  • Language courses – 8 weeks (56 days) 

You may renew the material up to its max loan time (4 times standard loan time), if the material is not already reserved for someone else. 


Reminders / late returns 

We will send you a late fee if you exceed the due date for the loaned material according to these rates: 

  • On day 7 past due date:  NOK 30/15 for adults/children  

  • On day 21 past due date: NOK 90/45 for adults/children 

  • On day 35 past due date: notification of compensation will be sent via e-mail/SMS/letter 

  • On day 49 past due date: an invoice will be issued by Kristiansand kommune requesting compensation. This invoice must be paid in full and we will not accept return of this material.  

For swift loans (7 days) the first reminder will be issued on day 1 past due date. Thereafter weekly, fee for second reminder is NOK 30, and fee for third reminder is NOK 90. On day 15 past due date the invoice will be issued.


Lost/damaged loan

If you lose, destroy or fail to return your loan, you will need to compensate for it. Our current fees are as follows: 

From the adults section


From children and young adults section



kr 400,- 


kr 200,- 


kr 100,- 


kr 50,- 

Audio books* 

kr 450,- 

Audio books*  

kr 225,- 

Games for PlayStation,Xbox,Switch* 

kr 600,- 

Games for PlayStation,Xbox,Switch* 

kr 300,- 

Music and movie*  

kr 300,- 

Music and movie* 

kr 150,- 

Loaned material (from other  

kr 800,- 

Loaned material (from other  

kr 400,- 

Language course CD-ROM*  

kr 500,- 



Language course and combidocument* 

kr 1000,- 



Books from local collecton 

kr 1000,- 



*If part of the material is lost/damage you will need to compensate for the entire material.

If you return audio book/DVD/CD/Game without cover the charge is NOK 50. 


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