Rules for using the computer lab

Following rules apply to use the computer lab.
  • Illegal downloading and/or ripping of software, movies, music, and other copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
  • Software installation is not allowed. Any attempts to install and modify the configuration or connection on our equipment may result in a ban from the computer lab.
  • One person per computer. If two people use the same computer, both need to be registered.
  • Dedicated earbuds or headphones must be used when playing audio.
  • Phone calls beyond two minutes should take place outside the room. Any conversations should not disturb others. Refrain from using speaker setting on your telephone. Digital video meetings are not allowed.
  • Be mindful of the people around you and respect their need for peace.
  • No food should be brought into the computer lab.
  • Make sure to clean up before leaving. Please leave the place as you would want to find it.